Friday, February 4, 2011

being busy

Well, I can make all kinds of excuses for not being able to update this blog, but there's one thing that explains it all:

early Christmas present by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART


handshake by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Yeah... a new baby decided to drop by in the middle of Dec 2010 and was busy preparing and taking care of her lately.

Anyway, here are stuff I've created since the last update:

train by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

snow by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

moment by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

light bulb by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

and the latest:

dog by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Illustration: Concept Art Practice 10

concept art practice 10 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Concept art practice.

What I did different this time was to not use default round brush but customized it to square shaped brush for eraser and brush.

Result was... it was not much different from a round brush.

I also tried to use more layers this time than before so I could play with layer effects. I used blur for motion or movement(don't know the exact translation for this) to add some movement to the illustration. However, doing too much seemed a bit distracting.

Anyway... I saw some improvement from my last painting I did for fun:

after I got this from my relative (shitake) :p

I started off with white base color, and that made the illustration a bit blurry. As a result, I used black from the start for my recent illustration, and it showed some improvement. Hopefully, I could improve more on the way.

Photoshop CS3
2-3days (actually worked on this for a few hours over those days)

Monday, October 25, 2010


Once again, it's been more than a month since I last updated this blog. I have been busy lately so I wasn't able to update Japanese blog as well.

The latest illustration is up only in Pixiv since it was for a contest. As a result, I can only put a link to it:

It's viewable for members but non-members can view a thumbnail.

What's different between last and this month is that I got Vray for Cinema 4D. As a result, I could have better render for my 3D CG. However, it's taking longer than usual to get use to it :3

Anyway, other stuff I did besides it:

I used Vray for this as well:
Illustration/3D CG:

operation room by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

space by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

A test using Vray:

model room by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

city at night by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

It was just a joke:

42 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART


rasberry 1 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

rasberry 2 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

rasberry 3 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Friday, September 3, 2010

Update again

Hmmm... it's been a while since I updated this blog ^^;

Ok... starting from illustrations:

cafe by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Comic Studio Ex 4.0
Illust Studio
Photoshop CS3
Cinema 4D R11 studio
Textures: my clothes, Sozai Jiten Vol 3, 19, 24, Wafu Parts/Pattern
several weeks

library by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Comic Studio Ex 4
Photoshop CS3
Illust Studio
Cinema 4D R11 studio
Texture: Sozai Jiten Vol 19, 164 (commercial photo stocks)
a month~several months


sky 14 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

sky 13 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

glass by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

firework 3 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

firework 2 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Canon Kiss X3 (S18-55 F3.5-5.6 IS)
Lumix Tz-7

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Oi... it's been close to two months since I last updated this blog.

However, these two months had been pretty hectic that there was not much development in art.

Anyway, here I go:


Sorcerer by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Comic Studio Ex 4
Photoshop CS3
Cinema 4D R11 studio
Textures: Sozai Jiten Vol 19 & 24, Lace Sozai (Japanese commercial photo/texture stocks)
~a few days

water by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Comic Studio Ex 4
Photoshop CS2&3
Illust Studio
3 days


strawberry by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

orange by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Canon Kiss X3 (S18-55 F3.5-5.6 IS)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


forgot to update this blog in a while- three months to be exact since

1. I didn't have internet for a month since I moved to a new place
2. I was away on my wedding ceremony/honeymoon
3. away on another trip
4. sleeping and eating
5. Preparing for a big wedding party
6. busy with another big event of my life at the end of this year (secret since I don't know if it will work out). :D

Yeah... so my life has been a bit of hectic lately since it changed so much since Feb.

Anyway, since I can't put all stuff up since Feb, I will just put illust and photos that represent what I did since Feb.

Here I go from oldest to newest:


Revolution by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

dive by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

botched illustration


bug by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

3D CG models
LAMP and others


flower 2 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

flower 3 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

sky 10 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

More are present in my deviantART gallery and folders.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wallpaper + 3D CG model

I had cold at the end of last week and finally recovered.

Here's wallpaper (for personal usage only):

music 2 by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Cinema 4D R11 studio
Photoshop CS2 (I did it in CMYK mode)
Comic Studio Ex 4
2 days

and 3D CG model that you can use without a credit for commercial/personal use if you have a software that can support .obj 3D file:

bucket-3D CG model by =Waterdroplet-s on deviantART

Cinema 4D R11 studio
a few min

I have some simple 3D CG models uploaded in Clip Studio website (Japanese site for IllustStudio/Comic Studio users) under the username Vole36. I will change that in a month or two to my usual one though.

This was created from my usual doodle like 3D CG activity: